Yes, be sure that products you purchase on our website or under a brand Zumzz or Supermed is 100% pure and authentic.

We offer a quality guarantee, read about it here.

Yes, we are dedicated beekeepers with extensive knowledge about bees, honey production, and the storage of bee products. Currently, we manage 45 beehives, allowing us to produce a portion of the honey we sell. However, to meet the demand and ensure a diverse range of honey varieties, we also partner with experienced local beekeepers in Croatia. We carefully select and source our honey from trusted partners, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity in every jar.

At the moment, we have two brick and mortar stores in Croatia. We are working to be available in physical locations in Germany, Italy and United States.

The price of shipping will be calculated by the weight of your order. We offer free shipping for orders above certain threshold, different for each country. Read in details here.

It usually takes about 3-7 business days for all international orders. Sometimes we need 1-2 days for processing, depending on the amount of orders for that day and avaliability of our products.

Don't worry, we will gladly make a refund for missing or damaged items or send you a replacement, depending on a situation.

Read more about it here: Refund Policy.

We started our company in 2008. and since then there has been many changes in our business appearance. We were using name Supermed for Immunity mix since 2010, and just recently we did a full rebranding into Supermed. But unfortunately, a local company has copied our name, so we were left with no choice but to rebrand again.

Now, we picked a new brand name, Zumzz and protected it. We fell in love instantly with the name because it represents buzzing of the bees who work so hard to bring the honey into our lives. This is a recent and major change in our business, but you can expect to see this name for a very, very long time.