Who are we?

Grandpa Ivo

In the heart of our family lies a tradition as sweet as the honey we produce. Our journey into the world of beekeeping is not just a business venture; it's a legacy passed down through generations, a tale of love, dedication, and the magic of nature.

Since 2008

Grandpa Ivo, armed with dreams and determination, decided to embrace beekeeping professionally around 2008. With my father's support, he started with about 10 beehives, igniting the flame of what would become a burning passion for our family. Year after year, their efforts and dedication saw the apiary flourish to about 30 beehives, each one a testament to their love for the bees and the pristine land that nurtured them. Our honey, a product of this untouched paradise, has been recognized and awarded.

Head Beekeeper

That's me, Dorian. My love for nature and bees, combined with my background in business and marketing, keeps our company go forward.


Growing up, the apiary was my playground, and my grandfather, the head beekeeper, my mentor. He taught me the secrets of the bees, sharing his knowledge and passion with me. His teachings were not just about beekeeping but about life, respect for nature, and the importance of preserving our legacy. His passing in 2020 was a turning point, a moment that called me to honor his memory by diving wholeheartedly into the world he cherished so much.


Today, we manage between 40-50 beehives, a reflection of our significant growth and dedication to excellence. In our quest to bring the best honey to your table, we collaborate with other local, devoted beekeepers, weaving a community united by love for beekeeping and the desire to share the wonders of honey with the world. Our motto goes beyond producing superior honey; it's about bringing my grandfather's vision to life, celebrating the incredible work of these precious insects, and delivering wellness and delectable delight to homes everywhere.

Catching a Swarm

Grandpa Ivo catching a Swarm