Our Commitment

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that our honey is real and of highest quality.

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Orders arrive between 3-7 business days.

Proudly Croatian

Supermed products comes from depths of unpolluted Croatia.


Our line of premium honey products.

What's all the buzz about?

Don't tell me you still havent tried our Cocobuzzzz? A mix of natural forest honey and pure cocoa. Spread it on the bread in the morning to start the day as a champion or just binge eat it as you watch your favourite series. IT'S GUILT FREE!

We are natural, relax...

But did you know that around 50% of honey in EU is fake?
It's all about trust.

Our main mission is to establish ourselves as a brand that can be trusted with legit and supreme bee products.

We do it with care.

From handling bees, to extraction, storage and packaging, we put our soul and 16 years of experience and knowledge into it.


A few million of our employees do pollinate a lot of flowers, but we also use glass packaging instead of plastic and natural materials for transport.

It's all about trust.
We do it with care.